The Lucques

The green diamond of Occitanie!

The Lucques du Languedoc

L’Oulibo’s identity

Grown exclusively in Occitanie and harvested by hand, the Lucques is considered as a unique olive. Known as the “green diamond”, it has a distinctive crescent shape. The Lucques olive is easy to recognise by its small stone and fine, flavoursome flesh. It is mild and voluptuous on the palate with a slight taste of buttered avocado and fresh hazelnut. Appearing on the tables of the greatest French chefs, it’s the quintessential gastronomic olive!

Having won many national competitions, in particular the General Agricultural Competition in Paris, it is appreciated as a table olive, green or black, but also for its oil. Indeed, Lucques vintage olive oil is mild with complex aromas of dried fruit, almond and hazelnuts, and an added touch of green fruitiness; it’s so delicate, it can be used for desserts.

Protected Designation of Origin

In 2017, the Lucques du Languedoc olive earned the Protected Designation of Origin, a great reward for the olive-growers of the L’Oulibo cooperative.

The PDO is a consumer guarantee of our olives’ local provenance, superior quality, rigorous checks on the fruit’s preparation and 100% manual harvesting. It recognises the ancestral know-how of the region’s producers and their environmentally friendly farming methods.

Earning the PDO Lucques du Languedoc will help to ensure a long-term future for olive-growers and preserve a landscape and a heritage.